Tsinghua University and Tel Aviv University established the XIN Center on May 20, 2014. XIN Center’s main mission is to combine the unique know-how and expertise of both Universities towards generating breakthrough technologies that will impact society. 

XIN will provide granted project:

1、Financial support for technology commercialization and business development activities.

2、Assistance in development through its world-renowned mentors from academic and industry. Business mentors provide help on improving the skills of negotiation with companies, providing long term business development strategy advices, and the advices on how to identify market and the way to present product to the market, how to communicate and negotiate with potential partners.

3、According to the demand of the projects which have been selected by XINcenter, XIN will provide the opportunities for the projects to communicate with VC/PE or relative top management team in global large-scale enterprises face to face.

4、The opportunity of attending global cooperate venturing, technology transfer, exchange conference and the VC/PE investment conference. It will provide a global idea to the entrepreneurs.

5、Every entrepreneur can gain valuable experience and resources through XIN and business mentors.

6、Weekly seminar to follow up project progress, and promote the communication among projects.

If you are interested in joining, please forward a 1-page proposal describing your project. Your projects could be but not limited in the areas include energy, environment, data technologies, electronics, medicine, chemistry, materials, life sciences, aviation, agriculture etc.

The content should include:

1、The problem you are solving

2、The market for your solution(capacity, growth estimation etc)

3、Your solution and its advantages

4、Your team competences

5、Milestone and requirements (on investments, partners,customers etc.)

You can send your proposal to: